Probably the most common question asked of a songwriter is "where do you get your ideas from for a song - what's your inspiration?"  Of course, the answer could be a million gazillion things.  For "Be Water", here's what happened in my world:

One of my very best friends, Susan, is from California, and I met her when she ran away from home and ended up where I live in Florida.  Well, she was 46 years old when she ran away, but run she did. She encountered an avalanche of personal problems while in Florida, and eventually wound up back home in California.  During her most trying times while dealing with family problems, she consulted with my sister, Stephanie, who had been a counselor.  Stephanie told her she was going to have to just roll with the punches, let some things wash over her like water washes over rocks and boulders in a rushing stream, make the best of it for the time being, stay flexible, and in a way, just "be water".  This is Susan's story......

Becky Pollitz - Songwriter

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