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Okay, let's get this straight right from the start.  I have NOT been abducted - by aliens, or anyone else for that matter. Although my husband and some of my friends have their suspicions otherwise. :-)  However, I have read dozens of stories, and seen dozens of documentaries, about people who truly believe that they have, indeed, been abducted by alien beings or UFOs.  And apparently, there are tens of thousands of human beings, or more, making this claim.  Interesting note: nearly all of the reports that I have read show that "abductees", as they're called, report very similar details of their experience, even though these people are of many different ages, coming from different countries around the world, with event dates from different decades. They experience a flash of light in the night, and shadowy figures appear, surrounding them. They are taken away to....ships?... and examined, probed, by beings who have huge eyes with no eyelids, and little or no mouths, communication is through telepathy, and they are grey with only four fingers on each hand. Then, blocks of time are temporarily missing from their memory.  Weird, huh? 

It was in my mind that, regardless of the reality of this occurrence, if YOU were one of these folks who truly believes that you have had an experience of this nature...what would that be like?  Although statistics show that over 50% of U.S. citizens now believe in this phenomenon in one way or another, still, if you came forward with a claim like that, you would have millions and millions of people thinking and saying that you are a nut case!  And the angst of not being believed, but rather, accused of being, well, crazy, is what inspired this song.  "Abuducted" is a personal anthem for those who believe that they absolutely have been abducted.

Becky Pollitz - Songwriter



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