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DreamCatcher Is Happy To Announce A

Change In Our Upcoming Schedule:


Our band has decided to forgo all offers for live performance this Winter Season in order to spend 100% of our time in the recording studio.

We have 3 separate album projects we have been feverishly working on at the same time! 

1.  "DreamCatcher"    ~ our debut full-length self-titled album of originals, promising to blow your mind with the unexpected.


2.  Our much-talked-about "Unidentified" album ~ a Mini-Concept album, with You-Won't-Believe-It-'Til-You-Hear-It  imaginative gems that explore the UFO phenomenon. (We know - a little weird. Don't you just love it??!!)  JUST RELEASED in January, now on sale on our Sale page and our UNIDENTIFIED ALBUM page. Save a folksinger ~ buy a CD!!!



3.  "The Lighthouse"    ~ an album straight from the heart, originally designed as a special salute to the acclaimed facility for the blind "Lighthouse International"  - and expanded to embrace the passion of lighthouse lovers around the globe. Alllmmossst done.............check back soon for song clips.


We apologize to our fans for the delay in getting a couple of these long-promised album projects in your hands, and in your ears!  But...what can we say....we're soooooo picky!!  We can't wait until you hear what we've spent a gazillion months on. 

Be sure and join our email list, and you'll be the first to know when the next two CDs, labors of pure love, are released.  And stay tuned for some awesome give-aways and significant discounts for our fans.

Check back soon for further RELEASE DATES, and for upcoming performance dates when we finally come up for air!

Peace.  Be sure and do something nice for someone today. :-)

Ron, Becky, and Michael

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