Florida's progressive Indie folk-rock band DreamCatcher is a wildly eclectic mix of musical landscapes designed for the listener who knows the difference. Their knock-your-sox-off vocal harmonies, lyrics with a purpose, and what-will-they-think-of-next orchestrations and arrangements may change the way you view Indie Artists forever!

Every musician is a culmination of his own personal, lifelong influences, and the members of DreamCatcher are no exception.  While DreamCatcher is likely to please today's hip audiences who flock to cool cutting-edge bands like Fleet Foxes, Mumford and Sons, The Civil Wars, and even Coldplay and Muse, there is no question that mature followers of  The Byrds, The Zombies, Simon and Garfunkel, Eagles, Poco, and America are more than satisfied and intrigued with this Indie band's palette of musical colors. 

Proudly the love child of  The Beatles and Crosby, Stills and Nash, DreamCatcher is consistently growing their cross-pollinated garden of progressive folk and folk-rock original creations, heavily influenced by all the music that has informed their musical taste over the years: classic rock, pop music, classical works, traditional folk music, and a little jazz thrown in for good measure!  This group's extensive musical vocabulary is largely due to the fact that everyone in the band was a college music major.

Every band has a story, and DreamCatcher's is unique to say the least.  Starting with their name, the folklore of the Native American dreamcatcher is a story of unity and protection. According to legend, the tightly woven web, when hung over your bed, will catch your good dreams and filter out the nightmares.  It is within this circular icon of strength and bonding that the band members weave their closely knit commitment to excellence and to each other, believing that it is never too late to catch your dreams.

At first glance, you will discover three seasoned artists who make up this divergent trio: Ron Sansone ~ multi-keyboards and keyboard bass, vocal harmonies.  Becky Pollitz ~ acoustic guitar, lead vocals, vocal harmonies. Michael Pollitz ~ drums, percussion, flute, flugelhorn, vocal harmonies.  Connected by a common thread and musical bond indeed. 

But a closer look will reveal that all three musicians wear many diverse hats.  Ron is the recording engineer, band equipment guru, sound technician, and often contributes to the songwriting process; Becky is the band's songwriter, marketing manager, and website designer; Michael also has been known to rescue the songwriting, is the recording assistant, sound technician, and artist for all the band's CDs, website and promo. DreamCatcher is a true democracy with all three band members participating in song choices, arrangements, orchestration decisions, and mixing.

But the truly "unique" element comes with their personal history.  All three musicians are the original members of DreamCatcher, created in the fall of 2004. And just like the organic ring of an authentic dreamcatcher with interlocking vines, the group's circle of life is linked together through several decades. 

Becky (maiden name - Molnar) Pollitz has been a lifelong friend with Ron Sansone, meeting in high school and enjoying two of their college years together in the music department.  Just after college, Becky met Michael Pollitz while they were both touring with separate bands, developed a touring band of their own, and have been joined at the hip ever since, marrying in 1980.  Becky brought Michael and Ron together on a musical plane, and the circle of friendship and shared artistry has never been broken.

DreamCatcher's particular brand of folk and folk-rock weaves an exciting and honest blend of adult alternative edge with tradition, along with a contemporary social conscience delivered through acoustic sensibility and solid rock textures.  

 It's age defying.  

 It's genre defying.

 It's timeless.

 And warning....listeners may feel something....

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